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Versatile. Resourceful. Powerful.


Why She.Conglomerate?

/kənˈɡlämərət/ - a number of different things or parts that are put or grouped together to form a whole but remain distinct entities.

She.Conglomerate provides a structure that allows for the sharing of resources and knowledge, while also allowing the individual entities that make up the conglomerate to maintain their autonomy. 

Relax. Recuperate. Release.

Noir & R, LLC was created to provide entertainment options for everyone. Everyone deserves a safe space to relax, recuperate, and release!!

Events include:

*Local trips

*International trips


*Parties, and more!

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All Set, LLC

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All Set volleyball camps provide athletes with the opportunity to learn new skills and improve on existing skills. Coach Blu has plenty of knowledge to share and will be sure to help the athletes reach their goals. All Set volleyball camps are conveniently located and affordable for most everyone in Sacramento!

Club Teams

All Set was created to allow female athletes the ability to play the game regardless to skill level or school attended. All Set believes that all athletes deserve a  space to play if they truly want to get better at the sport. All set has both a 15s and a 16s team.


All Set volleyball clinics are a means of learning more about the sport and the techniques. Clinics are recommended for players trying out for a team for the first time or competing for a spot on a higher level team.

Personal Training

Personal Training Sessions are offered year-round for junior high, high school and club athletes of all levels. It’s a great opportunity for athletes to boost their performance with measurable improvements during each session.

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Empowered by Technology. Driven by Solutions.


Oya Tech Solutions, LLC is a technical operations consulting company. OTS has a mission to provide the highest quality of technical solutions to customers while delivering them with  ingenuity, consistency, and customer focus.


The vision set for OTS is to create welcoming, technical opportunities for every culture to enhance the field of IT and further its technical solutions.

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